Hello! My name is Jadrien and I work remotely as a freelance matte painter, concept artist, and environment generalist. I've contributed to over 50 film and television projects, and have been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the world's top vfx studios and some amazing people along the way. If you want to get in touch, for availability inquiries or whatever else, feel free to email me at: jcousensdmp@gmail.com


2021     Ms. Marvel: Season 1    (Concept Artist)

2021     The Handmaids Tale: Season 4    (Matte Painter)

2021     Love, Death & Robots: Season 3   (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2021     Wild Rift Cinematic     (Matte Painter)

2021     The Hot Zone: Anthrax     (Concept Artist)

2020     The Expanse: Season 5     (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2020     Siren: Season 3     (Matte Painter)

2019     Altered Carbon: Season 2     (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2019     The Handmaids Tale: Season 3     (Matte Painter)

2019     Self Made     (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2019     The Kitchen     (Matte Painter)

2018     Ford v. Ferrari    (Matte Painter)

2018     Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald    (Concept Artist  |  Lead Matte Painter)

2018     Outlaw King    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2018     Deadpool 2   (Concept Artist) 

2018     Ant-Man and the Wasp   (Concept Artist) 

2017     The Handmaid's Tale: Season 2   (Concept Artist  }  Matte Painter)  

2017     The Magicians: Season 3   (Concept Artist) 

2017     Thor: Ragnarok    (Concept Artist  |  Lead Matte Painter) 

2017     The Man Who Invented Christmas    (Environment Artist   |   Matte Painter) 

2017     The Overcoat (short)    (Matte Painter) 

2017     Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2    (Concept Artist  |  Lead Matte Painter) 

2017     Salvation: Season 1    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter) 

2016     Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them    (Concept Artist  |  Lead Matte Painter)

2016     Anne of Green Gables 2: The Good Stars    (Matte Painter)

2016     A Dog's Purpose    (Matte Painter)

2016     King Arthur: Legend of the Sword    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter) 

2016     After We Have Left Our Homes (short)    (Environment Artist  |  Matte Painter) 

2016     Nine Lives    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     Allegiant    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     Anne of Green Gables    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter) 

​2015     The Last Witch Hunter    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter) 

​2015     Voyage of Time    (Matte Painter)

​2015     Race    (Matte Painter)

​2015     11.22.63: Season 1    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     Black Ops III Cinematic    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     Incorporated: Season 1    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     LA Crime: Season 1    (Matte Painter) 

​2015     Vacation    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

​2014     The Millers: Season 2    (Matte Painter)

​2014     San Andreas    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

​2014     Avengers: Age of Ultron    (Matte Painter)

​2014     Sober Companion: Season 1    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

​2014     Game of Thrones: Season 4    (Matte Painter)

​2014     Night at the Museum 3   (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

​2014     The Giver    (Matte Painter)

​2014     Transformers: Age of Extinction    (Matte Painter)

​2014     Jersey Boys    (Matte Painter)

​2013     Revolution: Season 2    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

​2013     The Amazing Spiderman 2    (Matte Painter)

2013     After Earth    (Matte Painter)

2013     In Search of Adam (short)    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2012     Meka Blade (short)    (Concept Artist  |  Matte Painter)

2012     The Garden (short)    (Matte Painter)

2011     The Legend of Arad (short)    (Matte Painter)

2011     The Otherworld    (Matte Painter)